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Вот уже и TIME про нас пишет

Мы вступаем в эпоху Водолея.
Думаю это уже не для кого не новость.
Эпоха Рыб несла в себе слепую агрессию и неспособность слышать других, неспособность идти на компромисс. Отсюда было много войн.
Эпоха водолея должна быть спокойной, и в эту эпоху люди будут вынуждены заглядывать внутрь себя,водолей это интеллект и душа. Отсюда как нельзя кстати йога. Эпоха еще кардинально не сменилась, окончательно она наступит примерно в ноябре насколько я помню, но уже о йоге столько говорят, люди как двинулись просто, все ею занимаются.
Йоги Баджин говорил что в эпоху Водолея будет 2 типа людей - те которые будут сходить с ума, т.к.не будут знать где черпать ресурсы чтобы совладать с теми духвными течениями которые поднимутся в эпоху Водолея, и те к кому они придут за помощью-т.е.учителя йоги.

Вот и Time подхватил течение:
Benefits of Meditation - Richard Pettinger

1. Happiness. Meditation can help us to cultivate a real abiding happiness. Meditation allows us to be in tune with our inner self. When we live in the heart we can experience a sense of oneness with others, this brings a happiness that does not depend upon outer events.

2. Inner Peace. Most people would like to experience more inner peace in their lives; at times peace feels an elusive quality because our lives are so hectic. Meditation teaches us how to switch off from the noise of the mind, we no longer give importance to the teeming thoughts which fly through our mind. Through meditation we can gain a clear state of mind; this is the secret of feeling a real inner peace.

3. Health Benefits. There have been numerous studies showing a link between meditation and improved physical health. Meditation is a practical solution to relieve stress. When we relieve stress we help to reduce our blood pressure and heart related diseases.

4. Simplicity. Meditation helps to simplify our lives. When we live in the mind we can feel life is nothing but teeming problems and worries. Through learning to meditate we find we can get joy from appreciating the simplicity of life.

“Meditation simplifies our outer life and energizes our inner life. Meditation gives us a natural and spontaneous life, a life that becomes so natural and spontaneous that we cannot breathe without being conscious of our own divinity.”
- Sri Chinmoy

5. Living in the Present. When we analyse the thoughts that go through our mind we find that many of them are dealing with the past or present. We are either fearful of the future or ruminating on the past. However by dwelling on the past or future, it means we are unable to live in the present moment. When we meditate we are completely in the here and now. Meditation teaches us to appreciate life as it is; we learn to value our present circumstances.

6. Better Relations with Others. Often we can have minor conflicts with other people because we dwell on minor faults of the other person. Whether it is justified or not, it is a common source of unhappiness and division. Meditation teaches us to give no importance to minor thoughts. When we meditate powerfully we develop a sense of oneness with other people; we naturally look to their good qualities. Their minor faults seem unimportant.

7. To discover a real sense of who we are. Our intellectual mind can seek to discover the answer to many questions, but the one question of who am I? always remains unanswered. To discover our real self; to be aware of our own soul we have to go beyond the mind. It is in meditation that we can become aware of a living spiritual presence. When we find this we feel a new purpose in life.


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